Perfecting My Home HVAC System

3 Common Furnace Issues

11 April

The one thing that you absolutely do not want to happen during the frigid winter months if have your furnace start acting up. Although furnaces are quite resilient, they can be subject to a few common issues. Here are just a few common problems that tend to plague furnaces and how to go about resolving […]

3 Reasons To Call A Plumber Instead Of Using A Chemical Drain Cleaner

08 January

If you have a clogged sink, bathtub, or toilet, you might be thinking about using a chemical drain cleaner to take care of the situation instead of hiring a professional plumber. Buying a bottle of chemicals from a local mass market retail store might seem like a cheaper and easier solution than hiring a plumber, […]

Dirty Coils Cost You Money

06 January

Mother nature is dirty. Yard debris, fallen leaves, windblown rubbish, insect carcasses—there is all kind of filth swirling out in the wind, and it has a way of getting trapped in your AC coils. While you might think of dirty condenser coils as nothing more than an eyesore, they are merely the symptom of a […]

3 Tips For Reducing Humidity In Your Home This Summer

01 January

Even though you might be looking forward to the warmer summer temperatures, you might not be looking forward to the humidity that is sure to come with it. Humidity doesn’t just stay outside, either — it can also be a problem inside the house. Then, you have to worry about feeling sticky and uncomfortable, and you even have […]

AC Efficiency Starts With Optimizing Your Condenser Coils With Landscaping Choices

30 December

Condenser coils are designed to push air over a labyrinth of fins containing freon. As the air moves over the coils, it absorbs heat and cools the freon inside. While condenser coils are designed to run as efficiently as possible, there are a few variables, such as air temperature and availability of cool air, that […]

What Should You Do To Protect Your Air Conditioner In Winter?

29 December

Outdoor air conditioners are subject to harsh conditions in winter. Blustery winds are known to blow dry, dead brush into the sides of condensers, causing the coils in air conditioners to become dirty. Over time, this can impact the efficiency of air conditioners. Many homeowners do little or nothing to protect their air conditioners in […]

What To Do If Your Toilet Bowl Water Level Suddenly Seems Too Low

25 December

Does the water level in your toilet bowl seem lower than normal? If you’ve purchased a new toilet and noticed that the water level in this one is lower than in an old one, it might just be that your new model is built to use less water. However, if you’ve had the same toilet […]

4 Tips To Save On Heating Costs

23 December

If you’re like most people, your money is extra tight around the holidays. During the winter, you’ll likely need to run your heat more often in order to stay comfortable. If you’re careful, you can make sure that you don’t overpay for your heating usage. Take a look at the following information to better understand […]

Four Essential Maintenance Tasks That Every Boiler Needs Throughout Winter

21 December

If you have a radiant heating system in your home, a boiler is what provides your home with heating. There are many different types of boilers that use various types of fuel. One thing that all these systems will have in common is the regular need for maintenance during the winter heating system. Here is some […]

How To Test The Start Capacitor On A Window Air Conditioner That Won’t Run

17 December

Air conditioners have two capacitors that provide electrical surges to help the system run and run efficiently. When you turn down the thermostat, the start capacitor provides the energy boost that gets the motor running. A failing or failed start capacitor can keep your unit for working efficiently or at all. If you have some […]