Variable Speed Furnace: Learn Why It's A Worthwhile Investment

When investing in a furnace for your residence, selecting one that is budget-friendly and requires less maintenance is advisable. One of the options that fit these features is the variable speed furnace. A unique aspect of these furnaces is that its motor can alternate speeds, which plays an essential role in improving the airflow in your home.

Here's why you should speak to a professional about furnace installation.

You Benefit From Improved Home Temperature

During its operation, the viable speed furnace maintains a temperature close to that set by the thermostat, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. This is unlike furnaces that release a lot of heat and then switch off. The furnaces then switch on again when there is a dip in temperature, and the cycle continues. 

They're More Energy Efficient

A major downside of the traditional furnace is that it needs a lot of energy to function. This is because it has to turn on and off to match your desired temperature. Notably, the variable furnace runs more frequently than the traditional furnace, albeit at a slower speed. Additionally, once you turn it on, it doesn't stop and start again after a while. This means it consumes less energy while in use, helping you significantly save on your energy bill.

You Spend Less On Maintenance

Unlike the traditional furnace, a variable speed furnace is easier to maintain. As this furnace runs, it maintains the indoor temperature close to what you set on the thermostat. Thus, less stress is placed on its components because your furnace doesn't have to switch off and on repeatedly to work. This minimizes the wear and tear of parts, reducing the frequency of the appliance's maintenance.

Quieter Operation and Better Indoor Air Quality

Consider a variable speed furnace if you find the noise from traditional furnaces bothersome. The furnace motor is quieter since it runs slowly, meaning there's less disruption for your household. Moreover, this furnace provides better airflow because the air filter traps any dirt and bacteria while in operation. With fewer pollutants in the air, you and your family are less vulnerable to respiratory illnesses.

A variable speed furnace is a viable option for any home as it keeps your indoors comfortable while helping you save on energy costs. When installing this furnace, work with a heating expert to help ensure that you don't face repairs down the road.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor for more information.

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