What Happens If You Don't Replace Gas Range Parts That Are Still Working But Wearing Out?

A working stove and oven, particularly one of those spectacular professional-level combinations that fit in home kitchens, allows you to make beautiful gourmet meals. So when you start to notice that the burners aren't igniting as quickly as they normally do, or maybe the oven seems to produce foods that are a little more caramelized at one end than the other, it's time to call for repair and have faulty parts replaced. It's tempting to wait a bit until the problem gets worse, but you have to call for repairs now -- and since the repairs involve gas, you need to call a company that is able to work with gas lines.

Unsafe Food From a Spotty Oven

If your stove won't light or your oven won't warm up properly, the food you cook risks being unsafe. At best, it would be unevenly cooked, with part of it almost burnt and part undercooked in some cases. The food might even feel warm throughout, but that doesn't mean it was cooked to a safe temperature. And, if there's one spot that's too cold, you might not notice it at all. Maybe you did some meal prep, and that spot of undercooked meat ended up in a storage container that will go in the fridge. You'd never know that part of the food was undercooked in that case. You need to be sure that your oven is cooking food evenly and to the right temperature.

Even if the pilots and flames were lighting normally and evenly, if the thermostat is out of control, then the oven will bake things at the wrong temperature. This could go both ways, with the thermostat breaking down and causing the oven to warm to a temperature that is lower or higher than what you set on the dial. This can happen slowly or suddenly, by the way; if all of a sudden your thermostat went out and the oven wouldn't warm up at all, you wouldn't wait to get it checked out and repaired. So why wait to have the range repaired if the temperature seems to be a little bit off from how it was when you used the oven in the last weeks and months?

Risk of More Gas Leaks

There's one more risk you have to take into account. Sometimes ignition and heating problems have to do with the gas supply, and that is not something you want to mess around with. If anything is starting to go wrong with the gas supply, get it checked out.

For more information about parts, like Southbend parts, contact a local supplier.

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