Is Your Furnace Blower Motor Failing? Here Are A Few Signs To Watch Out

Most furnaces are fitted with a blower, which is a fan that blows cooled air through the ducts. A motor powers this fan, as is the case with most heating system components. You should know that after prolonged use, the blower motor can fail. When this happens, a repair technician can help address your issue promptly. But, to avoid unexpected failure, it is advisable to address your problem when you notice the warning signs. Here are a few to keep in mind.

You Notice A Burning Smell Coming From Your Furnace

When your blower motor starts to overheat, you'll likely notice a burning smell coming from your unit. In most cases, this happens when the blower motor draws excessive amps and the wiring begins to burn. Depending on your type of furnace, it can either shut down or continue operating. If not addressed on time, you're at risk of a fire outbreak. So, switch off your furnace and contact your heating repair technician on the first sign of such a smell.

You Notice A Significant Rise In Your Energy Bill

The blower motor is among the heating system parts that consume a lot of energy. When it begins to malfunction or almost reaches its end of useful life, they'll be a spike in the energy used to cool your space. A malfunctioning blower motor can also cause your furnace to start then shut down unexpectedly while blowing warm air. This can also lead to a surge in your electricity cost. An experienced heating system technician can inspect your furnace and advise whether a failing motor is the cause of your problem.

You're Experiencing Weak Airflow

If your furnace has weak airflow or isn't blowing hot air, your blower motor is likely failing. This can happen if your blower is clogged with dirt and debris. It's also possible that you could have a bad capacitor or leaks on your air duct. After inspecting your heating system, a professional furnace repair expert can helps to address the underlying causes before repairing or replacing your blower motor.

Your Furnace Is Producing Weird Noises

You need to pay close attention to your furnace when it begins to blow warm air. If you can hear rattling sounds, your blower motor likely needs a ball bearing. This could also be due to a loose screw that needs tightening. If you notice screeching noises, your blower motor could have a torn belt. You're likely to encounter this problem if you have an old furnace. With the help of a heating expert, this is a problem you can easily address.

The blower motor ensures adequate warm air is circulating around your home. So, watch out for the signs highlighted above and seek quick intervention from a furnace repair professional. 

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