How To Keep Your HVAC In Its Best Condition All Year Long

An HVAC is a big investment for your home. It's important to maintain all of the equipment through the years so it lasts a long time and so it operates efficiently and doesn't run up your power bills. If you have a central HVAC with both a furnace and air conditioner, you'll need to keep up with maintenance and repairs all year long. Here are some important steps to keep in mind.

Always Keep The Filter Clean

Whether you're running the furnace or the air conditioner, the filter has to be changed regularly. Changing the filter is an easy task, but it's easy to overlook too. If the filter gets dirty, it can actually harm the HVAC parts. A dirty filter is a common cause for equipment repairs, and it's a cause that can be prevented by changing the filter as recommended by the manufacturer, which might be every month or two.

Consider Getting A Smart Thermostat

The thermostat plays a role in how efficiently your HVAC works. That's because the thermostat can learn your behavior and adjust the temperature when you leave your house and adjust it again when you come home. Plus, you can look at the data collected by the thermostat and learn when you're wasting energy so you can make changes to keep the HVAC efficient.

Get Professional Service On Schedule

You'll probably need to get professional HVAC maintenance done once or twice each year. Generally, the air conditioner condenser is serviced each spring, and the furnace is serviced each fall. The air handler runs when the condenser or furnace runs, so the maintenance technician may check it twice a year.

Following the service schedule set by the manufacturer of your equipment is important for your warranty. It's also important so your equipment won't break down and so expensive parts won't wear out needlessly.

Try To Keep Your Equipment Clean

When you have professional visits for preventative maintenance, the technician will clean your equipment. However, you also need to keep the condenser and furnace clean the rest of the year. You can do that by dusting around the equipment and keeping the condenser cage outside cleaned out. If the refrigerant coils seem to be collecting dust, especially if you see ice forming, call an HVAC technician for help cleaning the coils if you don't know how.

By keeping up with these basic maintenance chores, you'll reduce the risk of a breakdown on a hot day or cold night. Plus, if your HVAC has a nice long life, you'll get good value from your investment, and that's always good when it comes to maintaining your home.

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