Why You Should Still Have Maintenance Done On Your New Furnace

If you have installed a brand new furnace in your home in the past few years, then you might have done so for a number of reasons. One thing that you might have been excited about is the fact that you shouldn't have to worry about any major repairs for several years to come. However, you shouldn't get this confused with the notion that you don't have to have maintenance done on your furnace. In fact, even newer furnaces should be maintained at least once per year by a certified and trained heating maintenance and repair technician. These are a few reasons why this is still necessary.

Your Furnace Can Still Get Dirty

All of the air in your home blows continuously through your furnace when it's running. As you can probably imagine, a surprising amount of dirt and debris can accumulate inside your unit throughout just one season. Changing your air filters regularly will help with this, but your furnace still needs to be cleaned out once a year, at least. Luckily, this is something that could be done when maintenance is being done on your unit.

Your Warranty Depends On It

When you first purchased your new furnace, you were probably happy to find that it came with a warranty. If you want to keep that warranty, then you are probably going to have to keep up with basic maintenance on your furnace, even when it's new.

You'll Want to Catch Problems Early

Hopefully, you will not have to worry about there being any problems with your furnace, since it's new. However, if something is wrong with it, you'll want to catch the problem as soon as you can, while your unit is still under warranty and while the problem is hopefully not too serious. Since your HVAC technician should inspect your unit while they're performing maintenance, this is actually a very good way to catch any problems that might be present so they can be addressed.

It'll Get You in a Good Habit

Even though it might not seem like maintenance is quite as important for a brand new furnace as an older one, this will not always be the case. As your furnace gets older, it will need more maintenance and more repairs. If you get in the habit of having your furnace maintained each year while it's new, however, you will hopefully let the habit "stick" and continue to have maintenance done as your furnace gets older. 

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