After How Long Should You Seek Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing?

Every commercial building needs an air conditioning system to keep the occupants comfortable during extreme weather conditions. As a business or commercial rentals owner, it's your role to ensure the air conditioning unit is functional at all times. 

You should always be on the lookout for leaks and other unusual operations with the unit and seek air conditioning services on time. But how often should you have your commercial air conditioning unit inspected or serviced?

How Frequently Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Despite working correctly, you should ensure your commercial air conditioning system is serviced frequently. Poor maintenance can cause the unit to malfunction, costing you twice as much for repair and replacements. Besides, air conditioning services, like maintenance, greatly help improve the functionality of your unit and the quality of your cooling and heating experience.

You should aim to have a technician inspect your commercial air conditioning unit a few times a year. However, if the unit is old, you might need to schedule inspections more frequently. 

Factors That Determine How Often You Need to Service Your Commercial AC Unit

Although it's wise to seek air conditioning services for your commercial AC unit a few times a year, some factors will determine how often you might need these air conditioning services. These factors include the following:

The Demand

A commercial property with high demand for heating and cooling means the unit will need to work harder to meet these needs. Thus, it will need more frequent servicing. The demand in the building also depends on the people using the property and for how many hours.

The more people on the property, the higher the needs. Also, a business that runs 24/7 will create a higher demand than a business that operates during standard hours. 

Age of the Unit

How old is the unit on the property? While a newly installed unit will need minimal maintenance, an older unit will need more frequent maintenance. Irrespective of age, you should always have a professional inspect and service each unit. The best time for the servicing is in spring and fall in anticipation of the extreme weather change that creates the heaviest demand.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services You May Need

When scheduling your AC inspection, some of the services your unit may need include:

  • Comprehensive safety inspection
  • Filter replacement
  • AC unit cleaning
  • Ductwork leakage inspection and repair
  • Thermostat settings adjustment
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Checking for any obstructions within the unit

Get Professional Air Conditioning Services

How long has it been since a professional inspected your commercial air conditioning unit? Why take chances with your business when you can contact an expert and have a professional inspect your units and make necessary air conditioning repairs? 

For more information about air conditioning maintenance, contact a local service.

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