4 Questions About Moving Your Home’s Air Conditioner Condenser

Does your home have an air conditioner that is located in an inconvenient place? If so, you may be considering moving the unit someplace else in your home. Here are a few questions that you'll likely have about the process.

Will You Need New Refrigerant After Moving The Condenser?

One concern you may have when moving the condenser is if you will need to empty the unit of all the refrigerant. After all, refrigerant is expensive and it would be a waste just to throw it away. Thankfully, an HVAC technician can make sure that all the refrigerant is sealed in the condenser before moving it, so you won't lose much during the process of moving the unit. This should help save you money that you may have budgeted for.

Are There Limitations On Where A Condenser Can Be Moved?

You can move an outdoor condenser almost anywhere on your property as long as it is legal to do so. That is why you want to look into the building codes to find out what restrictions are in place that would prevent you from moving the unit to specific locations. For example, there may be limitations based on how close the condenser can be to a window that opens, or restrictions on how close it can be to a neighbor's property. 

Is It Possible That The Condenser Won't Work Properly After The Move?

You always run the risk of something going wrong when you move an air conditioner to a new location. However, as long as you hire a professional who knows what they are doing to care for the unit, then your air conditioning unit should be fine afterward. The process of moving a condenser is essentially disconnecting and reconnecting the unit, which is no different than if you were to have a new air conditioner installed. 

What Considerations Should You Make When Picking A Location?

You'll want to pick a place that is easy to access so that you can maintain the unit. It shouldn't be in a place that is surrounded by plants that are going to restrict airflow, which could be an unforeseen problem in its new location. You also want to have access to a garden hose nearby so that you can clean the unit periodically, which may be difficult if there is no outdoor spigot nearby. 

Reach out to an HVAC technician for more information about moving your condenser. 

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