Three Important Ways To Prepare Your Heating System For Cold Weather

The best time to have maintenance and inspection services performed on your heating system is before the rush and demand of winter begins. Services like electrical and duct inspections will ensure your heater runs both smoothly and safely during the coldest months of the year.

Get an Electrical Inspection

Because of how much power your furnace needs to run, making sure all the electrical components of your heating system are working correctly.

Beyond simply making sure that your heater will work when it's turned on, an electrical inspection is important for safety purposes, too. If your heater runs on a dedicated circuit, electrical issues may not always be immediately visible. Circuit problems have the potential to cause serious damage if left unattended, which makes an inspection especially important on older heating systems or systems that haven't been inspected in at least a few years.

Similarly, electrical components can be expensive to replace if they fail and can cause damage to other components, so catching any problems early on can save you money in repairs along with making sure your heater will run smoothly in wintertime.

Perform a Test Run

A basic test run is a good way to see what's working and what might need maintenance by letting you look out for anything from leaky ducts to strange odors and sounds. Having a technician run this test for you will help you get the most value from your service because some problems can be a little harder to detect.

One benefit of performing a test run is making sure your heater will run safely. Depending on what fuel source your heater uses, any leaks in fuel lines or malfunctioning parts can quickly become dangerous. Gas leaks can cause a variety of dangerous and uncomfortable problems.

A test run is the best way to catch potential issues before they become larger problems, and getting this done before winter comes can also help ensure any necessary repairs are done faster; when demand surges, services and parts can be more difficult to schedule and order.

Have Your Ducts Inspected

Your ducts are arguably the most important component of your heating system; if they are damaged or leaking, much of the heated air your heater is producing won't ever make it into your house. Leaky ducts can result in 20 to 30 percent of your hot air escaping through holes, gaps, and improperly sealed areas, which can have a significant impact on your monthly bill.

Unless your ducts are very old, they likely don't need to be inspected more often than once every few years. However, because of how vital they are to your heating system, have a thorough inspection done if you suspect you may have an efficiency problem.

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