5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Vent Cleaning Right Now

HVAC systems are vital for homeowners, and they need proper maintenance to ensure they're well-functioning. Estimates show that at least 103.1 million households in the United States use air conditioning. That said, if your system isn't functioning optimally, you may want to consider a thorough inspection to identify the problem. A simple issue like the accumulation of dirt in the system's duct can lead to functionality problems. This post highlights top signs you need air conditioner vent cleaning, including:

Clogged HVAC Ducts

One of the best ways to prevent dirt accumulation in your HVAC system is to change its filters regularly. That's because the system's filter prevents debris and dust buildup in the ductwork. Experts recommend homeowners change their HVAC filters once every three months. If you discover excess debris and dust covering your air conditioner, it could be time to clean its air duct.

Increased Energy Bills

Are you noticing your monthly cooling and heating bills are increasing without altering how you use the HVAC system? Accumulation of dust and dirt in the system's duct could impact airflow. If your air conditioner has this issue, don't hesitate to clean the ductwork thoroughly. In fact, cleaning your system's duct can reduce energy consumption by more than 5%.

Ducts With Visible Biological Growth

It can be challenging to notice your HVAC has biological growth. That's why you should contact an HVAC expert for regular inspection. If your inspection professional discovers your system's air duct has biological growth, you need to remove its source and clean the ductwork. Biological growth in your air conditioner's ducts can lead to severe health problems such as:

  • Coughing and sinus issues

  • Joint aches and muscle cramping

  • Weakness and fatigue

  • Digestive problems

  • Tingling and numbness

Noisy Air Ducts

Paying attention to the noise from your system's ductwork can help you identify a potential problem. For example, banging and popping may indicate contraction and expansion of the metal due to the insulation having extreme temperatures. Rattling may occur due to disjointed sections, while whooping could be a sign of too large an HVAC system for your ducts.

Pest Infestation in the Ducts

While your system's ductwork may produce a popping sound due to air movement, unusual noise may be credible to suspect a pest infestation. If you notice pests like rodents in your ducts, don't wait any further. Deal with the primary cause of rodent infestation to ensure this doesn't reoccur,  and then clean the ducts.


Maintaining your HVAC system is vital to ensure it functions well. If you're unsure you need air conditioner vent cleaning, use the signs outlined here to make an informed decision. For more information, contact an air conditioner vent cleaning service. 

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