4 Issues To Be Wary Of When Installing A New Furnace In An Old Home

Replacing your old furnace with a new one can solve your home's heating problems. However, if you have had the same furnace for more than a decade, various issues may arise when installing a new one. Failure to address them can cause heating inefficiencies and system underperformance with your new unit. With this in mind, here are four issues to be wary of when installing a new furnace in your old home.

Incompatible Infrastructure

When reusing old infrastructure for a new furnace, you need to determine its compatibility with the new unit. Is the existing ductwork suitable for a modern furnace? If the existing ductwork is undersized or oversized, it will present problems for the new heating system. For example, small ductwork may lead to airflow imbalances due to the inability to handle the air volume. Undersized ductwork will affect system efficiency. Thus, if you wish to use the old infrastructure, make sure it's compatible with the new furnace.

Inefficient Fuel Type

Many older homes used oil as a fuel source for central heating systems. However, today, very few furnaces run on oil. Oil prices are incredibly volatile, which makes the fuel more expensive compared to other options. Additionally, to install an oil furnace, you need an oil tank, which complicates the installation process. You don't have to buy an oil furnace just because your older one ran on oil.

The most popular furnaces today are gas and electric furnaces. Gas furnaces have a high upfront cost, but they have low operating costs. They are highly efficient and great solutions for areas with harsh winters. Electric furnaces are cheap to install and maintain, and they are ideal for areas with mild-to-moderate winters. Choose between these modern options to maximize your heating system's efficiency.

Obstructed Ductwork

Old ductwork may suffer various problems, which may affect the efficiency of your new furnace. Some of these issues include:

  • Dirt, dust, and other pollutants clogging the ductwork
  • Poor ductwork design, including sharp bends and curves
  • Duct leaks

When reusing old ductwork, look out for the above issues. Professional duct cleaning and testing can unearth these issues. Fix them to enhance the performance of the new heating system.

Unsuitable Installation Location

The installation location for your old furnace may not be suitable for the new unit. The installation location should have adequate airflow to allow proper air intake. It should also be within reach of your gas or electric connections, depending on the unit's configuration. Thus, before installing the new furnace, examine the installation location. If it's not suitable, move your unit to a more appropriate space.

Maximize the efficiency of your new furnace by addressing these issues. Contact an HVAC company, such as Bowen Refrigeration, for installation services!

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