2 Things An HVAC Tech Will Look At When Inspecting Your Furance

Fall is the perfect time to talk to a local HVAC contractor to have them come check out your furnace so that it is ready to go when the heating season starts. One of the things that the HVAC tech can do for you is to inspect your furnace to make sure that everything is in good working order and to repair any damage they find. Taking care of the damage early can keep your furnace from breaking down and causing you any problems. When the tech inspects your furnace, what are some of the things that they are going to look for and do?

Soot and Scoring

One of the things that the tech is going to look for is whether or not you have any soot or scoring around the burner of your furnace or in any other part of your furnace that they can reach. Soot can be flammable, which can cause a furnace or chimney fire. Scoring can give soot a better place to take hold and to live, and can cause other damage to your furnace. The tech can clean up the soot and see if they can figure out what is causing it, and either eliminate it from happening or lowering the risk of more soot from forming. 


Another thing that the tech is going to look at is the filters in your furnace. The air filters help keep pollutants from getting into your house and blowing around. A dirty filter will keep air from getting through and around your house. It will also cause your furnace to have to work harder, costing you more in heating costs, and wearing your furnace out sooner. The tech will check the filters, and either clean or replace them as necessary. When they are working on your air filters, you can talk to the tech about using better filters, including HEPA filters, if you want. A HEPA filter can filter out very small particles, and can make it easier on you to breathe, especially if you have someone with a lot of allergies living in your home. 

If you are getting ready to move into the heating system, you want to make sure that all systems are green and ready to go. Having a tech from a local HVAC contractor come to your house and look at your furnace will make sure that you are ready to go. 

To learn more, contact a heating service company near you. 

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