Common AC Issues That Require Professional Attention

The home's air conditioner is among the most important parts of any home. Over time, the system will probably need some sort of repair. As the system gets used, it may not function normally. This could be due to a minor issue but can also be caused by a major problem that needs immediate attention. Here are some more common issues you may have with your home's air conditioning system:

Low Airflow

As you move through your home, you may notice that the air does not seem to be blowing from the vents as it normally does. In some cases, this can simply be a result of moving furniture around in your home, as it can change the shift of airflow inside a room. You may also have something blocking the vent, such as curtains or a random object. There could also be a more pressing issue, such as blocked or leaking air duct. No matter the reason, you should have this checked by a professional. If the airflow is not normal, your system is using more energy than it should to cool your home because it is working overtime to produce the amount of cold air to cool your house.

Room Temperature Air

If you notice that your air is becoming more tepid or is not as cold as it normally is when your air conditioner is running, you know you have a problem. If the weather is not overly hot, you may not immediately notice the change in temperature in your home. As the season gets hotter, however, you are likely going to be aware of the lack of cold air in your house. There are a variety of reasons for a lack of cold air in your system. You could have a leak of refrigerant. You may also have a malfunctioning condenser. There are other mechanical components that can lead to this issue as well. You will need to have your HVAC contractor inspect the system to verify and repair the problem.

Leaking Fluid

Air conditioning systems involve a lot of liquid of varying types. Some liquid you may notice is due to a leak in refrigerant, which is a major issue that needs immediate attention. Other liquid you may notice is just water. Because an air conditioner produces cold air, it will also produce condensation. The system has a condensate line that is used to move the condensed water outside so that it does not damage your home. However, these condensate lines can leak. If you see leaking fluid of any kind, you need to have your system checked right away.

Talk to an air conditioning repair specialist today if you notice your AC unit is showing signs of disrepair. 

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