Providing Your Home With Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you're trying to get the best out of your air conditioner, you need to know and apply some sound air conditioning maintenance principles. A finely maintained air conditioner is less expensive to own and works more effectively in your household. The strategies in this article provide some stellar maintenance steps that will help you improve the way your air conditioner runs. 

Run a test and go down a checklist

HVAC-savvy homeowners should have a seasonal checklist for their air conditioners. The checklist should include things like cleaning or changing the filters, checking the refrigerant, testing out the thermostat and making sure the safety shut-off switches work. 

Running through the checklist will also help you to keep your air conditioner in line with efficiency standards. When you notice something is wrong with the air conditioner, you can bring in an HVAC contractor to run an energy audit and fix anything that is wasteful. 

Keep trees and hedges clear from your outdoor AC system

Too little attention is paid to the outside equipment. You know to change your filters and test out your thermostat, but the exterior system generates the force that makes your air conditioner run. If this system gets blocked in any way, it's difficult for the fan blades to run with the right amount of force. Getting rid of the shrubbery surrounding the AC unit will be helpful to you. 

Trimming your hedges might cost you between approximately $40 per hour and $75 per hour. In addition to getting rid of these trees and hedges, you'll want to learn how to clean the fan blades and other components. 

You may need to change the fan motor altogether if your air conditioner won't start. Inspecting the outdoor system first helps you find this out early. Changing out the motor fan may cost you between $300 and $500. 

Inspect your drainage, hoses, and airways

Air conditioning equipment can only run optimally when you're taking care of the drainage. Drainage lines tend to get backed up and will compromise your AC performance as a result. This can also lead to mold development. Fixing things like clogged drain lines may cost you about $225 or so.

Tighten hoses that are hanging loose, and clean out your airways every season. 

Use these tips to get the best air conditioning maintenance service for your household. Contact a company that offers air conditioning maintenance services to learn more.

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