AC Repairs That You May Need to Do During the Summer

The summer months mean that your air conditioner will be coming on more frequently to keep your home cool and comfortable. What does this mean for the maintenance and repairs that need to be done? It means that as the weather gets hotter, your more likely to have AC problems that you will need to troubleshoot and have repaired. The following AC guide will help you with the problems and repairs that are going to be needed during the summer weather:

1. Pay Attention to Dirty Filters, Ducts, and Vents 

The first maintenance that needs to be done to prepare your AC for the summer heat is changing the air filter. If the filter is dirty, it can cause other problems and damage to your AC when it is working harder to keep your home cool. Therefore, you may need to change the filter and inspect the ductwork and vents to make sure they are clean, and repairs are not needed before the next summer heatwave.

2. AddressWinter Damage and Dirty Condensing Units 

Winter damage can cause serious problems with the condensing unit outside your home, which is why spring servicing is important. Sometimes, problems with a dirty condensing unit and debris can cause freezing that causes damage to compressors, leaks, and other problems that will need to be repaired before the next summer heatwave.

3. Fix Electrical Problems and Issues with Your AC Thermostat 

There are also electrical problems that can cause your air conditioning to not work like it should during the summer months. Sometimes, the main power switches and breakers are the problems, and turning them back on will solve the problem. It can also be due to electrical shorts and failing capacitors that need to be replaced. It may be due to a thermostat that has stopped working and needs to be replaced with a modern programmable thermostat to improve the efficiency of your AC.

4. Repair or Replace Damaged Blower Fans 

The blower fan is another problem that you may have during the summer weather. Sometimes, if the problem is just wearing and air not circulating like it used to, you may not notice until you really need your cooling during the summer heat. The problems with blowers can also cause your AC to make noise, and you will want to have these problems looked at by an AC repair contractor.

These are some of the problems and repairs that you may have to deal with this summer when your AC is not cooling as it should. If you are having problems with your air conditioning, contact an AC repair contractor to fix the problem before it gets hotter outside.

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