What Should You Do When Your Home Gets Chilly Every Winter?

Everyone loves stepping out of the freezing cold into a chilly, uncomfortable house, right? No? If a weak heating system is leaving your home cold and uninviting, then it might be time to consider installing upgraded equipment. If you think that your heating system is approaching the end of its life, then this guide will help you to get to the root of the problem and determine if it's time to contact an installer for an upgrade.

Check The Age Of Your System

What's the number one cause of heating system failure? Age. While it's possible to repair old equipment continually, your home's heating set up will eventually start to look an awful lot like the Ship of Theseus. As you replace more and more internal components, you'll spend more and more money to keep your old boiler or furnace operating long past its shelf life. For typical residential equipment, you can expect a furnace or boiler to last about 15 years. Beyond this point, you are pouring money into a sinking ship. You might keep the equipment going for a while longer, but endlessly throwing money at the problem.

Consider Your Repair Costs

It's often a good idea to replace a failing system that is well beyond its expected lifespan, but what about edge cases? If your ten your old furnace or boiler is acting up, should you fix it or bring out an installer to replace it? In most cases, the answer will lie with your recent repair bills and your expected repair costs. Will fixing your current problem exceed the price of a new unit? What if you face a similar repair bill in the next few years? It doesn't make sense to replace equipment when repairs are significantly cheaper, but spending a similar amount of money to maintain an aging furnace is rarely worthwhile.

Evaluate Your System's Efficiency And Effectiveness

Finally, it's a good idea to consider how well your current system is working for you. If your home is always too cold and your energy bills too high, then an upgrade may make sense even if the cost seems high. It can be easy to get wrapped up in purely financial considerations, but your home's heaters exist to keep you warm and comfortable. If your existing heating system isn't up to par, then spending the money to install upgraded equipment will ultimately pay off. Even better, newer equipment is highly energy-efficient and you may just see a significant improvement in your energy bills!

For more information on heating system installation, contact an HVAC contractor. 

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