3 Major Issues Air Conditioning Repair Contractors Can Address For Homeowners

Residential air conditioning units are so important during the summer. Unfortunately, they often malfunction. When the issue is beyond your means of dealing with, contact an air conditioning repair contractor. They can deal with the following issues. 

Frozen Coils

If the coils on your AC unit keep freezing up, this can be frustrating to deal with. This problem prevents cool air from getting in your home. This issue is pretty serious, and you'll want help from a licensed AC repair contractor. 

Often times, this problem is caused by a broken fan. It may not run and circulate cool air properly. A licensed repair contractor will assess this fan, repairing or replacing components if need be. Sometimes, your fan's motor may have shorted out, and might need to be replaced. Either way, the contractor will make sure the coils don't keep freezing. 

Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan may seem insignificant, but it plays one of the more important roles, for your HVAC system. It's designed to catch extra water coming from your system. When this pan gets damaged, water could get everywhere and cause severe damage to your property.

For this issue, always contact a licensed air conditioner repair service contractor. They know exactly where this pan is located and can conduct a thorough assessment. Sometimes, the pan may just need to be patched up, to retain water again. If it's completely corroded, the contractor can find a suitable replacement and set it up quickly, before any more water leaks over integral structures. 

Faulty Thermostat Wiring

If you've had a thermostat for more than a decade, sometimes the wiring can start acting up. This can do strange things to your AC unit, such as preventing it from ever coming on. You don't need these issues during the hot summer months.

Any time you suspect problems with your thermostat, have it inspected by a licensed AC repair contractor. They can bring their testing equipment to see if the wires are faulty. If they are, they'll be swapped with a new set. The contractor will then test the thermostat, making sure it's sending proper signals to your AC unit. 

AC units are pivotal resources for homeowners, today, but they don't always work perfectly. If you're dealing with an issue and don't quite know how to tackle it, go ahead and hire an air conditioning repair contractor. They'll troubleshoot the issue quickly and find an appropriate solution. 

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