4 Tips to Maintain Your Heat Pump Throughout the Year

Heat pumps are crucial to your HVAC equipment. They assist in the movement of heat from one area to another to ensure that the desired temperatures are maintained in your home. Though your heat pump should be maintained by a professional on an annual basis, there are a few things that you can do to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape in between these annual appointments. Here are four maintenance tips to help maintain your heat pump throughout the year.

Tip #1: Keep It at the Proper Temperature

To avoid overworking your heat pump and causing undue stress on its components, research what temperature your thermostat should be set at to during the summer and winter. One recommendation is a minimum of 68 degrees during the winter and 78 during the summer.

Tip #2: Keep the Area Around the Heat Pump Clear and Clean

The heat pump is located outside, where it can get covered with snow and ice. Check the equipment periodically to ensure that there is no buildup of snow or ice during the winter. In addition, it is important that your heat pump can properly drain, so make sure this is possible.

Any greenery like shrubs and trees should be kept away from your heat pump. This step helps to ensure that fallen debris from the greenery doesn't fall directly onto the heat pump, potentially clogging up its components. If you notice any dirt, leaves, or other debris on or near the heat pump, make sure to remove the debris as soon as possible. Keep the area around the heat pump as clean as possible so it isn't crowded.

Tip #3: Keep Gutters and Downspouts from Draining Near the Heat Pump

It is important that your household gutter system is not draining anywhere near or around the heat pump. During the winter, the runoff will freeze, which will create a buildup of ice that could potentially interfere with the overall functionality of your HVAC system. Take steps to direct excess water away from the heat pump and ensure that proper drainage is intact around the foundation so there is no pooling of water.

Tip #4: Stay Safe When Cleaning the Heat Pump

When you go to clean the heat pump, make sure that you aren't doing so with heavy or sharp objects—even if you are attempting to chip off built-up ice. Instead, turn your unit off and use warm water to melt the snow and ice. Sharp objects should be avoided because they are not only a danger to you, but they can also damage the system.

Contact a heating service professional for more information or assistance.

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