Get Ready For Your AC Install With These Easy Tips

Getting a new air conditioner can be exciting, especially if summer heat has been compromising your family's comfort. Although your air conditioning installation tech will handle most of the hard work, it makes sense to do what you can to prepare. This way the AC install will go smoothly and you can start getting cool in no time.

Clear access spaces in your home

There are some areas inside of your home that your installer will need to access. Make sure they have a clear path to the electricity control panel, or circuit breaker box, as well as to the air exchange vents within your home. For those getting a first AC that is being hooked into an existing furnace duct system, you may also want to make sure access is clear to your furnace area as well as to any exposed ductwork, such as in the attic or basement. Your installer may need to make small changes to the ducts to accommodate an AC system, so providing clear access will make this easier.

Trim back your landscaping

Landscaping can be a major hindrance when replacing or installing the out AC unit. Make sure that any shrubs or other plants are trimmed back well so that they won't hinder your technician as the move the old unit out or the new unit into place. If your AC has screening or fencing around it, consider taking it down temporarily so that access is made easier. For new systems where a new concrete pad must be installed, ask your installer to mark off the pad location with tape in advance of the pad installation. This way you can make sure any landscape items you wish to salvage are safely moved before installation begins.

Protect your flooring

Protecting your flooring indoors is especially important if you have light colored carpeting. Most installers will protect their feet with disposable shoe covers, but you can further put everyone's minds at easy by taking the initiative to lay down painter's drop cloths along the pathways an installer is most likely to use within your home. Tape the cloths down with masking tape so they don't slide and create a tripping hazard. You should also make sure a sturdy mat is at the exterior door so your installer can easily wipe their feet upon entry.

For more help, contact an AC installation service in your area. They can direct you on anything else you need to do to prepare for installation.

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