4 Tips to Help With Repairs and Upgrades to Your Heating System

As energy prices go up, more people are becoming concerned about the cost of energy consumption in their home. Therefore, systems like biomass heating have become a popular solution to reduce heating energy costs. Just as a gas or electric furnace requires routine maintenance and repairs, your biomass system will also require maintenance. As your system ages, it is also going to need repairs, and you may want to consider upgrades that make it more efficient. Here are some tips to help you with repairs and upgrades for your biomass heating system.

Maintain Heat Exchangers or Radiators Connected to Biomass Systems

Biomass boilers can be used in 2 ways to provide heading to your home. One way is to use a heat exchanger that circulates hot water and blows warm air through normal duct systems. The other more conventional type of system that is used with the biomass heating is a radiator. To ensure your system is working efficiently, both the radiators and heat exchangers for bio mass heating systems need routine maintenance done periodically.

Upgrade the Computer Control Model for More Efficient Repair 

The computer control module is the circuit board that is located on your biomass boiler or furnace. These are also components that may eventually need to be replaced. When your old computer control module needs to be replaced, upgrade it with a modern replacement that can be adapted to your system and improve efficiency.

Integrate a Programmable Thermostat With Your Biomass Heating System

Programmable thermostats can greatly improve the efficiency of HVAC system, but if you have biomass heating you may not have your thermostat integrated into the heating system. Talk with the heating repair service about replacing your thermostat with one that can be integrated into your heating system.

More Efficient Electrical Motors for Blowers and Auger Feed Systems

Other than biomass fuel, electrical motors are another component of a heating system that uses energy. These are low consumption electric motors that that are used for things like fuel feeding systems, and the blower on the burner. If you have an older system, you may want to talk to your heating repair service about replacing the older electrical motors for more modern and efficient ones.  

Technology advancements have made biomass heating systems more efficient than ever, and when you need repairs done to an older system, you may also want to consider upgrades. Contact a furnace repair service for help with installation and improvements to your biomass furnace. 

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