According To The Farmer's Almanac: Winter Weather And Heating Services

Older folks know that the Farmer's Almanac is like an agricultural bible. It makes all kinds of predictions about weather and growing seasons months in advance. However, people who are not farmers have been reading and following this important weather guide for over a hundred years. Even your friendly Virginian weather forcaster uses some of what is in this annual book to predict the coming weather patterns.

So, what does it say about winter weather this year? Are you ready for this winter? It might behoove you to have an HVAC specialist check your furnace or heating appliance before winter hits the Southeast coastline. Things are going to get a little weird. Here is what the Farmer's Almanac predicts for October through December of 2018, and how you can prepare in advance for it.

Wintry Mix of Cold, Wet, and White

Unless you are in the mountains, snow in Virginia is hit or miss. This year, however, is predicted to be especially chilly, wet, and lots of white. In the early part of winter tons of rain and freezing rain is expected to fall. In the mid- to latter parts of winter, closer to the holidays, it is going to be much colder with a lot of snow. Anywhere snow goes, ice goes, too. Temperatures for most of the Virginian winter are expected to be below normal, which means that people are going to be turning their heating appliances on a lot sooner than they usually do.

End of August or Beginning of September

Right before the weather has a chance to turn cold and surprise you, call an HVAC inspector/technician to your property to check out your heating appliance. Whether you use a furnace, a boiler, or a heat pump, you will want to be sure these are in good working order before this winter hits. Many people in the South and Southeast fail to do this.

Then they are shocked, surprised, and scrambling to find a technician when their systems are not working and the winter has arrived early. The end of August or the beginning of September is a good time to have your heating appliance checked because HVAC technicians are not quite so busy and there are not nearly as many emergencies as there will be four to six weeks later. In the event that you actually need heating installation services for a new heating appliance, this is also a very good time to complete that and avoid the coming cold temperatures.

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