Why You Should Insulate Your Air Ducts

The duct system is obviously one of the most important parts of your entire central HVAC system. It also happens to be the one component within the system that homeowners feel comfortable working on. That is, many homeowners are not comfortable working on their furnace or air conditioning appliances because they don't want to deal with the electrical or gas components. But, servicing your duct system can be extremely helpful.

It doesn't really matter how efficient your condenser, evaporator, or furnace are if your duct system is not airtight and efficient. This article shows how you can seal and insulate large portions of your duct system to improve airflow, and save money.

Most central ducting systems will have the majority of the ducts inside the walls where you can't access them without doing some major demolition. But, this just means that the ducting sections on the outside of your walls are the most vulnerable. They can get physically knocked loose and dislodged quite often. This is definitely true for the sections of ducting that are located in basements, closets, utility room, garages, or other spaces where homeowners tend to stack and store a lot of things.

Taping the Duct Seams

You should start up by actually feeling to see if there are any loose air ducts throughout your system. Turn your system on full blast, and run your hand along every seam that you can reach. Even if you feel just a subtle amount of air leaking, it is going to be worthwhile to wrap the seam in duct tape to stop this air loss.

Insulating the Ducts

For homeowners who live in cold climates and rely on their central heat, you should also consider adding insulation to these exposed ducting sections. You can invest in rolls of fiberglass insulation that can be easily wrapped around and taped down to any exposed air ducts. This can greatly reduce heat loss and ensure that the air that eventually comes out of your registers is as hot as it is intended to be. This works wonders when it comes to the sections of ducting that run through your basement or garage, since these rooms often don't have any form of temperature control.

Homeowners are often surprised how this simple project (which they can do themselves for less than $100 in supplies) can effectively increase the efficiency of their heating system and save them a little bit of cash when it comes to their monthly utility bills. If you would like assistance repairing your ducts, get in touch with a heating company like Peterson Heating & Cooling.

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