A Few Benefits Of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Unless you have a basement under your home, there is some type of crawlspace between the floor of the building and the ground. This area often has plumbing and electrical wires, and may even be where some, if not all, of the HAVC system stays. The area is dark, damp, and not insulated. This can create problems for your household. There is a way, however, to minimize the effect a crawlspace has on your home and its inhabitants. Encapsulation is done to create a barrier between your home and the airspace and ground under it. Here are just a few benefits you will receive if you have this work done.

Reduced Critters

Under you house is a great place for insects and rodents to build nests. They are protected from predators and the weather, and have access to water due to the natural moisture. These pests can damage any electrical wires in the area. They may also find entrance into the house around pipes or create small holes to get inside. When you encapsulate the crawlspace, you create a barrier that will keep critters from digging into the area and also one to keep them from access to your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Mold and mildew also like to grow and multiply in dark, damp areas. The spores they put off can travel through the flooring and end up in your house. They can also waft inside through small holes, around plumbing, and may even get into any ductwork seams. These spores can make people and animals in the house feel ill. If someone has allergies to them, they will suffer even more. The process or encapsulation not only prevents the mold and mildew from growing, it keeps any that does manage to take hold from getting into the house.

Lower Heating Bills

The materials used to create the barrier also provide insulation to the underside of the building. It is not only a barrier to keep the different temperature air from entering the house, it also coats the underside of the floor so any flooring does not act as an air exchanger. A floor that is cooled on the underside will cause the topside to become cool too. The cooled flooring will then cool the air above it. Encapsulation will prevent this and thereby reduce how much your heater needs to run and lower your bills.

Talk with a professional contractor about crawl space encapsulation. You may need to have access to the area for repairs to the HVAC, plumbing, or electrical wires. Together you can determine the best way to create the barrier while providing access under the building should it be needed. 

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