Pairing A House Fan To AC System To Save On Cost

Running an AC system is not a very efficient way to keep a house cool. In fact an air conditioner is one of the most expensive home appliances to operate. In order to keep your cooling costs as low as possible you need to find a way to reduce the strain on your cooling system. One way to keep your cooling costs down is to find a way to cool your house at least part of the time without using your AC system. Installing a house fan can help with that. 

What Is a House Fan?

It is important to note that a house fan is not simply a fan that is designed for use in a house. Instead, a house fan is one fan that is designed to cool an entire house. The way it accomplishes this is by venting heat out of a home through your attic. As you might suspect, this requires installers to cut a hole through the ceiling of your house into the attic so that they can then install the house fan in the hole. It is important to note that a house fan is not a one-size-fits-all appliance. Instead, a it has to be fitted to the square footage of your house. 

What to Expect from a House Fan?

A house fan works best when you can open your windows and use it to pull cool air into your house even as the fan vents hot air out. Thus, you cannot use a house fan to keep your home cool through the hottest part of the day. Instead, you can use your house fan to cool your home once the outside temperature starts to fall. What is the advantage of using a house fan? A house fan uses 90% less electricity than an AC unit and can cool your home in a matter of minutes. Thus, if you can use your house fan from the evening hours through the morning, you can put a real dent in your cooling costs.

While a house fan cannot replace an AC unit to provide cooling all day long, it can give your AC unit and your wallet a break. While the installation cost is an added cost, a house fan should help you to put enough of a dent in your cooling costs to offset the installation cost. If you want to see if a house fan could help you to save money, talk to an HVAC technician, such as Childers Enterprises Inc, to see if one could work for you. 

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