4 Benefits Of Getting The Furnace Serviced After The Weather Warms Up

The warmer weather is on its way and now is the perfect time to get your furnace serviced. It's worked hard during the winter months and certainly deserves some care. Here are just four benefits of getting your furnace serviced once the weather warms up.

1. Repair Any Work That Needs Doing

By getting the servicing done at the start of the summer, you will find out if the winter weather has done any damage. All work that needs doing can happen throughout the warmer months, so you have the time and money. There's no need to rush it to make sure you're not left cold when the fall and winter arrive.

If the winter has been harsh, the furnace may have been on much more. Spotting the damage early can mean the difference between small and costly repair.

2. Prevent a Problem From Occurring

The service will also mean that you can spot a problem before it actually happens. It's possible to put in some prevention work to make sure you have a fully working furnace when you need it. Getting the furnace inspected when the weather warms up, means the technician could point out parts of the furnace that may go bad soon and give you enough time to get the money together to fix it without worry about using the furnace before you fix it.

3. Keep Your Bills Low

Most furnaces are attached to air conditioning units within a home HVAC system. This can mean a fault in the furnace continues to be a problem throughout the warmer months. While you're using your air conditioning, you could end up spending far more a month in utility bills that you had the previous year and more than you expected this year.  

Getting your furnace serviced as the weather warms will mean you can find if it is not working efficiently. You'll also learn if the inefficiency will affect the air conditioning unit in any way to help save you money on your utility bills.  

4. Clean Your System

Maintenance is more than checking out the parts. It also involves cleaning. After a long winter, your filters will need changing and sections of your furnace will need cleaning. You can do it all while your furnace is no longer in use.

A furnace service (such as Dale's Heating & Appliance) will not only help to keep the bills low but will also protect your home. As an added bonus, you may even be able to save some money on furnace repair work during the warmer months when furnace repair technicians get less business. 

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