3 Reasons To Call A Plumber Instead Of Using A Chemical Drain Cleaner

If you have a clogged sink, bathtub, or toilet, you might be thinking about using a chemical drain cleaner to take care of the situation instead of hiring a professional plumber. Buying a bottle of chemicals from a local mass market retail store might seem like a cheaper and easier solution than hiring a plumber, but that doesn't mean that it's the right choice. These are a few reasons why you should call a pro instead.

1. You Just Might Make the Situation Worse

It might seem worthwhile to use one of these solutions first. Even if it doesn't fix the problem, you might think that it can't possibly hurt anything. However, you should know that chemical drain cleaners can actually make the situation worse. For one thing, these chemicals can sometimes damage your pipes, so you might turn a simple clog into a serious issue with your plumbing system. Also, if there is a major clog further in your pipes, the chemicals might push toilet paper, food or other things further through the system and into the major clog, making it worse.

2. It Can Be More Harmful Than You Think

The chemicals that are used in drain cleaners are harsh and can be more harmful for you and your family than you probably think. Not only do you have to worry about causing chemical burns and other problems in your skin by accidentally coming in contact with them, but you also have to think about the harsh fumes that you and your family will be subjected to. A plumber, on the other hand, will generally use tools rather than chemicals to handle the problem.

3. It Could Be an Unrelated Problem

There is a chance that there are other things causing your plumbing clog than just toilet paper or other debris that is stuck in your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are not going to solve these problems, and you could waste your time and money by using the wrong thing for the wrong problem. A plumber can assess your plumbing issues and get to the true bottom of what is going on and causing problems.

As you can see, it really is a better idea to put down the chemical drain cleaner and call a professional instead. Luckily, a good plumber, one such as A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, can save you a lot of time and trouble..

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