What To Do If Your Toilet Bowl Water Level Suddenly Seems Too Low

Does the water level in your toilet bowl seem lower than normal? If you've purchased a new toilet and noticed that the water level in this one is lower than in an old one, it might just be that your new model is built to use less water. However, if you've had the same toilet for a while now and the water level has suddenly dropped, then something is wrong. There are three potential problems you could be dealing with. Here's how to deal with each one.

The float may be stuck.

In the toilet tank, there is a float, which triggers the toilet tank to empty water into the toilet bowl once the water in the tank reaches a certain level. The float is connected to a chain, and if this chain happens to get stuck or kinked, it can sometimes cause the float to trigger the toilet bowl to fill before the toilet tank is completely full – and this results in less water making its way into the bowl.

If this is what's wrong with your toilet, then the fix will only take a few seconds. Remove the lid from the toilet tank, and make sure the balloon-like, plastic or rubber ball is floating freely on the top of the water. If it's not, untangle the chain. If the chain is old and rusty (which may cause it to become rigid and stuck), you can unhook it and replace it with a new one of the same length from your local hardware store.

You might have a clog.

A partial clog in the pipe that drains your toilet bowl can cause water levels to drop, as the clog may slowly siphon water out of the bowl and down the pipe. Since the clog is not severe enough to cause a backup, it may go undetected for some time. Luckily, some aggressive plunging should be able to loosen it.

Make sure there's enough water in the toilet to completely cover the head of the plunger. Then, use as much force as you can to press the plunger down, and then pull it up. Slow, forceful strokes are better than shallow, wimpy ones. After a few good plunges, give the toilet a flush – with any luck, it will fill with water, and then the level will stay right where you want it.

You might have a slow leak in the toilet's drainage pipe.

If the chain is not stuck and a lot of plunging does not seem to be helping your case, then it's time to call a plumber. There's a good chance that there is a slow leak in the pipe system that drains your toilet. Water may be leaking out of the bowl and into the drainage pipe, lowering the water level in the bowl. This is quite a complicated problem that a professional will need to fix, and you may even need to have the entire toilet bowl replaced.

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