Tips To Increase The Performance Of Your AC

Do you not feel a difference when operating your air conditioner? If your AC is running, but you do not feel a difference with the temperature inside of your home, then it may be time that you do some maintenance on your unit. There are a few services that can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner unit, which will allow you to see better performance, without the need to run your unit for very long. To get the most out of your AC, you will want to perform services like these below:

Eliminate Leaking Air

Eliminating air leaks is a great way to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. A good way to resolve leaking issues is to locate your air conditioner's duct. Your air conditioner's duct is the channel that delivers the cold air that your condenser produces, into your home. Any leaks can compromise the airflow of your unit's delivery, which can cause you to run your unit for a longer period of time before you notice any temperature cooling. To ensure this isn't a problem for your system, you will want to patch any leaks that you may find in your duct. This will maximize airflow and ensure your performance isn't compromised by leaks.

Enhance Your Condenser's Performance

Another way to ensure your system operates efficiently is to ensure that your unit delivers cold air into your home, instead of room or outdoor temperature. To improve the coolness that your unit produces, you will want to clean off your condenser. Your condenser is what pulls in outdoor air, converts it into cold-air and then delivers it into your home. If the fins in your condenser are clogged by dirt or outdoor debris then this can impact the intake performance of your unit, which will limit the amount of air that your condenser is able to produce.

Maximize Airflow

Along with improving your condenser's intake performance, you will want to be certain that the cool air that it creates enters your home efficiently. If it has been some time that since replacing your air filters then this is definitely a service that you will want to complete. Old filters can contain a large amount of dust and debris, which can cause the filter to block the air that tries to pass through.  This can hurt the performance of your air conditioner's performance, so be sure to replace your filters if you want to maximize your unit's performance.

Taking the time to perform services like these won't only help increase the performance of your air conditioning unit, but it will help you save money in the long run, as you may not need to keep your AC on as long in order to feel a decrease in your home's temperature. For assistance, talk to a professional like Enright and Sons.

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