Three Creative Ways To Stay Comfortable In A Home With A Broken A/C

Cold showers can keep your body temperature manageable when your home's air conditioner stops working, but it's hardly practical to think about spending all day in the shower. In the days that you're waiting for your unit to be repaired by an HVAC contractor, it's valuable to adopt some creative strategies that will allow you to avoid feeling hot and sticky inside your home. Some of these methods might seem a little bit unorthodox, but they'll all contribute to keeping you comfortable despite the hot surroundings. Here are three ideas that you can easily implement.

Tweak A Fan So It Will Blow Cool Air

Fans become a valuable ally when you're trying to keep cool in a home without a working air conditioner. When the air temperature inside your home climbs, though, fans will eventually do little to help other than keep the already-warm air circulating. You can creatively turn your fan into a cold air-blowing machine by filling the largest bowl you can find with cold water and ice cubes. Place the bowl on something so it sits directly in front of the front of the fan. When the fan's blades push the air forward, the water and ice will cool it before it hits you.

Buy A Pillow That Keeps You Cool

One of the most refreshing things you can experience when you're trying to sleep in a hot house is flipping your pillow over to the cool side. But, what about a pillow that stays cool even on the side your head is on? Take a shopping trip and buy a cooling pillow. Often, they're filled with buckwheat hulls, which don't absorb the heat from your body in the same way as a cotton or down pillow. While this type of material creates a different sensation under your head and requires a slight period of adjustment, you'll likely appreciate feeling a little cooler as you try to catch some Zs.

Apply Cold Packs Strategically

While a cold cloth on your forehead can provide some relief, you'll get more out of placing cold packs in designated "cooling spots" throughout your body. These spots are also known as pulse points, and are where your blood vessels travel closest to your skin. Common pulse points include the inside of your wrist, the inside of your elbow and directly in front of your ear. By applying cold packs to these areas, you'll cool your blood as it circulates throughout your body and feel some relief from the heat.

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